Don't just take our word for it...
Check out what some very proud Sattler Home-owners have to say:

Pat and Gerry K.: "We recently completed building a new Sattler home in Heritage Green, and it was a very enjoyable experience for us. The Sattler's and their extended 'family' gave of their time and worked closely with us throughout the process, always listening to our inputs and concerns, making suggestions, and pointing out things that we might never have thought of ourselves. We are delighted with the quality of the finished product, love the floor plan, location and setting, and are convinced that we made the right choice in placing our trust in Sattler Homes."

Don E.: "When I walked into Sattler Homes' office with nothing more than a rough sketch of a floor plan and a lot of ideas, I wasn't sure what would happen. I knew Sattler's had won numerous awards for excellence in Home Design and Construction, and I'd seen the premier quality and craftsmanship of their homes in virtually all price ranges. I also knew they built custom homes -- but I had no idea what sort of process building a custom home involved."

"First they listened to my ideas and turned my 'rough sketch' into a set of drawings and blueprints. And then, during the next few months, they checked with me continually to make sure they were providing exactly what I wanted. They listened carefully. They asked questions. I watched as a house began to appear on vacant land. I saw the time and effort and quality being put into the construction."

"Five months later? They'd taken the vision in my head and turned it into reality ... our dream home ... a Sattler Home."

Lew and Ardy Finch: "We have built three previous homes and worked with home builders on each occasion. Sattler Homes ranks at the top of our list based on our experiences. Throughout the process, we were treated with respect and courtesy.

A quality builder is responsive to problems and concerns that are sure to emerge after the completion of the home, some of which may occur quite sometime later. Sattler Homes has been superb in addressing these issues on a timely basis.

Randy Krejci: "Suzanne and I are extremely pleased with the operation of Sattler Homes and particularly satisfied with the efforts of Mike Sattler.

Al and Joni Keller: "It was a pleasure working with all of you! You made our first home building experience a good one to remember. We will make sure to tell others about our great experience with Sattlers!"

Greg & Shannon Harvieux: "Prompt response to any problems that we had within the house once we moved in. Very pleasant and friendly to work with (Joe & Mike).

Iris B: "I personally recommend them (Sattler Homes) at all possible appropriate times to others."

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